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Straight Teeth, Fast!

The best orthodontist at Twin Creeks Family Dentistry is very happy to offer Invisalign™ clear aligners to our patients. These innovative trays can provide straight teeth much more quickly than traditional braces in most cases. Many patients see full results in only 9 – 15 months! Invisalign Clear aligners can correct such imperfections as crowding, wide spaces, overbite, underbite, and even crossbite. A fast, nearly invisible option for straighter teeth!





Engineering Straighter Teeth

Traditional orthodontics utilize steady, gentle pressure in the direction of desired change to correct the position of teeth over time. Stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic brackets are bonded to the tooth. These brackets work as handles to which other components are attached to move your tooth in various directions. A skinny metal wire known as an archwire connects to each bracket. Using tension, the archwire places pressure on your teeth to move them into place. Colorful (or clear) elastic bands are stretched to hold the archwires to the brackets. As adjustments are needed, archwires of various diameters are tensioned and ligature elastics are changed. This method can correct a wide range of bite issues as well as create aesthetic improvement for a straight, beautiful smile!

Straight Teeth

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